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Value Creation technology


Digital signal processing technologies, embedded software for automotive and smart phones, and a variety of mobile service platforms.
We are striving to innovate the ICT sector by observing customers and constantly proposing new and convenient values.
We are ready to worry about our customers' problems and actively solve them.

    • 01. Communication service

      We always worry and research to provide new and convenient voice call experience to customer
    • 02. Automotive Electronics

      AVN, telematics, cluster, etc. Provides development service
    • 03. Smartphone SW

      Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other smartphone OS understanding of the best understanding of smartphone software in time to release
    • 04. Smart Education Services

      We provide smart education service to improve learning efficiency with fun.

NexDialer, call connecting tone analysis solution

NexDialer is a software solution that determines a call failure in real time and analyzes the cause of a call failure in detail.
NexDialer enables a new, convenient and efficient call experience.

  • NexDialer

  • NexDialer
    AI Speaker

  • NexDialer

  • NexDialer